Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Adesua Is Raising Hopes On Instagram

Banky's wife and Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi,  Adesua wants his fans to know that it is not over until it is over and any sad situation they find is only a phase, they will pass it on. She wrote...

"This message is linked to my faith and the God I serve, but it IS FOR EVERYONE!" I remember a moment in my life when it seemed that NOTHING was going well and that it meant NOTHING Everything seemed to stink.

I was constantly hurt by the people I cared about and those who were good, my career ... well, I did not have one and it was not due to lack of attempts, the people I loved were going through difficult times, everything was not like that. It goes well It became difficult to pray. I would stay at my house, in bed for daysss. I never talked about that. On so many occasions, I cried to sleep. I always wanted to be someone else. I was deeply unhappy. Continue...

I do not remember how, but I was finally able to start praying through everything. I started talking about that too. I wish I could tell you that things improved immediately. LOL. They did not, but I'll tell you what happened. I fought every day for my life. The life I knew was mine. I started to focus on what I did have and I felt more grateful. I started talking positively about myself and my life. I started to smile more. I started to laugh more and then I learned the secret of being satisfied in any situation. I also learned to give even when I had very little. I worked on myself and asked God to make me better. One day I remember hearing that "everything will make sense someday". I'm not saying that everything makes sense now, but things are definitely better than they used to be. It did not happen overnight, but it happened. Slow but safe. There is a reason why I constantly try to remember to keep God at the center of everything. He literally holds me together.

I still go through difficult times, everyone does it, but my perspective has changed. We do not see complete images but I serve a God who does.

I know it is difficult and I am very sorry. If nobody has told you before, I want you to know that you are stronger than you can imagine, even on the days when you can not get out of bed.
You're beautiful. You are loved You are loved. You are forgiven and the world needs you. You are not a mistake All this is true, whether you believe in God or not.

I do not know why I wrote this, but I feel that someone really needs it.

Now and always, ?? Sun.

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