Sunday, 24 June 2018

Adams Oshiomhole Emerges APC National Chairman Unopposed

The former governor of the state of Edo, Adams Oshiomhole, has become the new national president of the All Progressive Congress, unopposed.

The Congress of All Progressives confirmed the former Edo Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, as its national president, reports Premium Times.

Mr. Oshiomhole was returned unopposed after a voice statement from the party members.

The party said that 18 positions had no opposition, and all were confirmed on Saturday.

The announcement was made by the chairman of the 2018 convention committee and governor of Jigawa state, Mohammed Badaru.
Mr. Oshiomole will replace outgoing party chairman John Oyegun, who is also from Edo State.

Mr. Oyegun, along with Oserhermen Osunbor, Clement Ebri and Ibrahim Emokpaire, were initially in the race, but eventually resigned Mr. Oshiomole.

In his speech on Saturday, Mr. Oyegun wished Mr. Oshiomhole a good opportunity to take the reins of the party leadership.

Some of the names of those without opposition are:

1. Adams Oshiomhole ... National President

2. Ibrahim Masari ... National Secretary of Welfare

3. Tunde Bello ... National Financial Secretary

4. Misbahu L Didi ... Representative of the disabled

5. Zakari Mohammed ... central secretary central north

6. Ibrahim Abdullahi

7. Hassana Abdullahi .... Leader of the local woman North Central

8. Nelson Abba ... .ex-officio North Central

9. Abubabakr Ajiya ... Sec sectional to the northeast

10. Isa Azare ... .Ex officio Nordeste

11. Tukur Gusau .... Northwest Zonal Secretary

12. Nasiru Haladu ... .Ex officio Northwest

13. Ms. Akpabio .... Leader of the woman Southern South

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