Friday, 1 June 2018

"A woman I met on Facebook gave me HIV" - Nigerian man shares a shocking story

A Nigerian Twitter user shared how he became infected with HIV through a woman he referred to in Nigeria.He shared:

Please, I would like to inform all the young people that not all the girls look thick, healthy and good to put the joystick inside. I have learned the hard way and I am still trying to forgive myself for my stupidity.This girl is a thin, thin and light-skinned girl with a big ass that I met on Facebook and arranged an appointment, we did not waste too much time and in less than a week, an appointment was scheduled. We arrived at the hotel and paid for the room and then something very unusual happened.While we were kissing and I was trying to touch her with my finger, I felt some blows with her finger in her vagina, I got irritated and turned off, and that made me limp.Then I thought about the money I had paid at the hotel and said I could not waste it, so I kept tryingI finally succeeded after watching porn, then I used a condom, but she asked me to be rough, which I rejected. I made only one round and got up to clean quickly. Unknowingly, I had a shaving blow and the juice of the pussy has had contact with him.To summarize, guys from long stories, I'm HIV +.I almost lost my mind, but I still try to forgive myself for my mistake and I am advising everyoneYoung men who please be safe and be careful. cry

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