Friday, 11 May 2018

Selena Gomez Reconciles With Her Mum

Selena Gomez has made up with her mum after splitting with Justin Bieber. The 25-year-old singer broke up with the Sorry hitmaker in March, just a few months after the couple rekindled their romance late last year following Selena’s highly-publicized split from The Weeknd.

At the time, it was claimed that Selena’s mum, Mandy, was ‘unhappy’ with her daughter’s decision to get back with Justin considering everything that went down between them.

A source said: ‘Selena’s focus right now is herself, 100 percent. Right now it’s working for her. She got new music coming out, she’s been working on some brand campaigns, and most significantly, she’s on better terms with her mother.

‘Now that he’s out of the picture, Selena and her mom are on better terms. They’ve even collaborated on some 13 Reasons Why stuff.’

Although Selena and Justin have ended their romance yet again, it’s believed that – at least for now – there’s no bad blood between them.

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