Thursday, 31 May 2018

Boxer Kills His Girlfriend For Lying To Him That She Is A Virgin (Photos)

Gary Chu killed the woman for lying
Police are investigating a murder-suicide after a boxer allegedly killed his girlfriend and dismembered her for lying about her virginity when they met on Tinder. Gary Chu, 28, suspected that Yee-min Huang, 27, had been cheating on him with other men that she met via the dating app.
CCTV footage captured the final images of victim Yee-min as she followed Chu up the stairs to his flat where she was murdered before her body parts were disposed of in seven bin bags. Chu, an amateur MMA fighter and boxing trainer living in New Taipei City’s Banqiao District in North Taiwan, was found hanged a few days later. Police discovering a suicide note at the scene with the words: ‘She wronged me.’
The victim’s brother, Francis Huang, appealed to the public on Saturday for help searching for his missing sister, who he said he hadn’t heard from since 19 May. He suspected she was being held against her will by Chu. Later the same day, Chu claimed in a Facebook post that he had ‘never once hurt her or restricted her freedom’, suggesting that it was Yee-min who kept coming back to him when he tried to break up with her.
In the post, Chu also revealed possible motives for the crime he is being accused of, writing: ‘After we met on Tinder, she lied to me saying she was a virgin. ‘I felt deceived and betrayed when I found out she had been lying and also cheating on me with other men.’
Yee-min’s brother contacted the police, who searched Chu’s home in Banqiao District and found it empty. The authorities then inspected surveillance cameras in the residential complex, which revealed the last images of Yee-min on 20 May.
They also showed Chu carrying seven bin bags from his flat, two days later, at 1am tossing the individual packs into the flower garden of his complex. On Sunday, authorities announced that they had unearthed the victim’s scattered remains from the flower bed, while Chu’s body was found hanged from a tree at 5am, near the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Xinzhuang District.
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