Monday, 21 May 2018

7 Things Your Man Should Do If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

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Are you trying to get pregnant? Well, many times people think it’s only the woman that needs to pay attention to her body as a whole, but the health status of both partners is important for conception.
Yes men too have a part to play, so here are everyday things you can get your man to do to help him stay fertile.
1. Stop smoking
Smoking does not just hurt you lungs; it is also known to affect fertility in men. Science suggests that tobacco deposits can even be found in semen. However, there is good news: fertility levels seem to rise relatively quickly once a man quits.

2. Get enough sleep
Researchers believe lack of testosterone is likely to blame for infertility as it is important for sperm production and most of it is produced when men are asleep. So encourage your man to get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep if you’re trying to get pregnant.
3. Avoid heat
He should avoid anything that heats up his pelvic area like tight jeans and underwear, hot tubs or laptops. Heat can be damaging to the testicles.
4. Eat lots of veggies
A healthy diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables are very important when you are trying to conceive. Not only does having enough vitamins and minerals contribute to overall male fertility, researchers discovered that the antioxidants found in many kinds of veggies are associated with better semen quality.
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5. Less TV, more exercise
Men who exercise for 15 or more hours a week have a 73 percent higher sperm count than those who get less than five hours of activity science states. Therefore, get your man out of the house and into a gym or at least make him run.

6. Heavily reduce his alcohol and drug intake
Recreational drugs, opiates and alcohol can affect fertility levels and damage the liver. So make sure your man isn’t taking any of these.
7. Stop taking testosterone supplements
Taking testosterone pills can trick the body to thinking it’s producing enough of the hormones, which can lead to lower sperm production and count to zero. The good news is: Once you stop taking these supplements, sperm count bounces back.
These are some things that you could give you trouble if you’re trying to get pregnant.

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