Monday, 13 November 2017

British Woman May Be Killed for Smuggling Painkillers Into Egypt (Photos)

Laura Plummer
A British woman facing the death penalty for smuggling painkillers into Egypt said she had 'no idea' the drugs were illegal when she packed them before embarking on holiday, Dailymail has reported.
The woman identified as Laura Plummer, 33, was arrested after entering the country with 300 Tramadol pills she said were for her Egyptian boyfriend’s injured back. The drug, widely prescribed in Britain, is strictly controlled in Egypt and can only be brought in with government permission.
The shop assistant from Hull was taken into custody where she remains in a cramped police cell alongside 25 other women as she waits for her court hearing tomorrow.
Speaking today, Miss Plummer said the drugs were given to her by a colleague to help with her boyfriend's back problems. 
'I didn't even look in bag,' she said. 'I can't tell you how stupid I feel.' 
Her family say they fear they will be forced to fly home without her after being told it is highly unlikely the 33-year-old will be released due to the severity of the alleged crime.    
Plummer's family are supporting her
She told the BBC she was being held in a cell at a police station which was about the size of her bedroom in the UK but holding 25 other women. Describing her spirits as at 'rock bottom', she told the media organisation she dreamt of coming home and sleeping in her own bed.   
Miss Plummer added that she was struggling to breathe but her fellow prisoners were trying to console her though none speak English.  The 33-year-old is due in court tomorrow. 
In a note from her cell, the sales assistant wrote previously: 'Please help me get out of this hellhole. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m scared. I had no idea that what I was doing was wrong. I thought I was doing a good deed.'
A family member told MailOnline they are desperate for her to be granted bail.

'All we want now is for her to get out of prison. We are confident that the police investigation will show she is innocent. That might take time, but at least she will be free.'
But the family source said they had accepted they will not be able to fly back with Ms Plummer when they leave Hurghada on Sunday.
'That was what we hoped for but we have been told it is very unlikely.'
Her lawyer told MailOnline the judge will either grant her bail or order her to be locked up a further 15 days so police can continue their investigation. Lawyer Mohamed Osman said: 'Laura will not be free after the court case. She will either get bail or sent back to the prison for another 15 days.'
The shop worker from Hull has spent a month in a 'hell hole' detention centre since being arrested on October 9th. Osman has been representing the family after an intervention by the British embassy in Cairo.
Plummer's Egyptian boyfriend
A previous lawyer who offered to help her took a £10,000 fee and vanished. Osman, who has worked with the British Embassy on other cases, runs his own law firm called Egypt Advocates.
She will be brought to the court in a blue prison van and if other women are due to appear they will be shackled together. Her mother Roberta, sister Jayne and brother Kirk, who flew out to Hurghada, plan to be at the court to support her.
While being granted bail would be a huge step forward another lawyer familiar with drugs cases said the judge might consider the British holidaymaker a flight risk.

'Once this woman is out there is nothing stopping her applying to the embassy for another passport. It is unlikely given her high profile now from all the publicity but the judge might decide anyway.'
The three family members who flew out to Hurghada were able to spend over an hour with her during a prison visit on Thursday afternoon. They took in three bags packed with food supplies but have not commented publically about her condition.
Sister Jayne has previously said Laura was suicidal while her mum said she was almost unrecognisable when she last visited her. The family members in Hurghada have been keeping a low profile and rarely leaving the five star seafront hotel where they are staying.

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