Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Why you need to invest in GOLD

Team Goldpreneurs are a group of INVESTORS who identified a viable
investment company (Swissgolden), we design a team-based system which
guarantees maximum benefits within a reasonable period and than built a
team of hard-working and intelligent investors who regularly work the
system to make continuous profits within a short time.

Overall Team Spirit*
We got you covered all the way till you earn your first million and
understand how to handle the business.
We will train you to be able to train others. We will empower you and
change your orientation about money, no matter where you live in Nigeria or
outside Nigeria, we know you can't go through this entrepreneurial journey
alone. This is why are here to support you.
*Our Goal*
Our goal is to make 1000 Nigerian millionaires within 12months/A year. We
want you to be one of them.
: *What does Swiss golden cooperation do?*
Ans = Offers services of purchasing, selling, storing & delivery of
investment gold bars
: *What is Swiss golden cooperation?*
Ans= An investment company
What product is presented in the Swiss golden internet web shop?*
Ans= Finest 24-carats gold bars of 999.99% purity in any value from 1grams
to 100 grams
*Where is the company registered?*
Ans= The Virgin islands
*When was the company registered?*
Ans= 4th June 2012
What determines the sale price of gold in SG?*
Ans= World price of gold
What kind of marketing is used by SG for trade movements?*
Ans = Partnership
Where are *investors* (like ME & YOU) paid from, by SG?
Ans= Turnover from gold trades
What does SG intend to do with the Bonus program?
*Ans = Grow its client base*
Who can be an active advertising & registered partner in SG?
*Ans = People with passion for Gold*
Why are the prospects (Investor/Marketer *Like* *You &* *Me) advertising
*Ans = To create a wide spread of the company's services & bonus/leadership
program benefits.*
Which partners are paid?*
*Ans = Partners with 2 direct downlines, heading a board when it breaks.*
*Can i get a refund?*
*Ans= Yes. No money is lost, you can always get a refund if you can't get 2
people to place order. We work as a team and ensure everyone gets his/her
: *How much to invest?*
*Ans= 75 Euros(N45,000) for Preliminary start table order*
*280 Euros(N145,000) for Prelim Main table order,*
*740 Euros (N395,000) for main table order,*
*2,850 Euros for VIP table order,*
*9,850 Euros for VIP Plus table order*
What bonuses exist in the business?*
*1800euros (N900,000)start Table earning*
*7000euros(N3,500,000) Main* *Table Earning,*
*27,000euros VIP* *Table,*
*98,000euros VIP Plus*
*ALL BONUSES are in gold billions I.e. grams of GOLD Bars* which can be
sell back to the company at time and have your money transfer to you.
*You invest ONCE, just ONCE and never STOP EARNING...* *Remember.....the
earnings is unlimited*
800% Multiply Return on INVESTMEST,
100% Risk Free!!
Money back GRARENTEE!!!
*Take Advertage of the rare OPPORTUNITY and INVEST IN 24 KARAT GOLD*
For more enquiry please call +2347037746023 or +2348050340593
Join the whatsapp group @ https://chat.whatsapp.com/EFgTWR1YfAHBQrCVIcAIHh

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