Friday, 12 May 2017

Erotic Story: The First Honeymoon Night - Lady Shares Wedding Night S*x Experience

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Sitting under the shower with my head buried in between my legs as my hands held my legs firmly and the cold water from the shower washed my skin, I got lost in thought with a smile only my face.
'Finally, I'm here, I got to that same point I had spent my life wishing, hoping and praying for. Who would have thought that I'd be so blessed? Who would have believed if I told them that I got the trophy and a golden one at that? Life is just a baggage after all.'
I was still lost in my triumph thought when his soft hands grabbed me I jumped but relaxed the moment I smelled him, I know I'm in safe hands so there's nothing to fear, he's my husband after all. I cozied up to him more and the tiny drops of the water continued to fall on us.
He gave me that promising look that makes my heart sink and I leaned in for a kiss he kissed me back, held my face in his hands and gave me that look again, with a broad smile on his face. Oh how cute he looks when he smiles, he then pulled me in for a hug and while at it he planted kisses all over my neck and ear. I shivered and opened my mouth to say something but words eluded me.
What could I possibly say that is not obvious, it was though like yesterday we met and today I'm here in his arms, a band on both our hands and a title of Mr. and Mrs. I couldn't ask for more, for he was everything I ever asked for and more, he tells me that I'm the best thing that happened to him all the time but I feel more than the same towards him. If there's anything stronger than love then that's what I feel for him. My mind drifted off again as he rubbed my back and transcended to my ass massaging it softly.
 Those years of hurt, pain, misery and frustration.
Dozie, Seth, Vee, Kaykay, Izunna, Uchechukwu.
All those years of endless flings because I can't seem to get hold of any man that comes my way. This minute they are in and the next they are slipping away. The days of hiding behind a lion so as to lay people off in order for them not to know that behind all those roaring is nothing but a scowl and no bites that I'm just a broken child on the inside who works so hard to prove herself.
Happiness became an expensive commodity, not just expensive but scarce. Love became an illusion and overrated and sadly whilst I try so hard to have one for myself I see people treat theirs like trash.
You can imagine what I so fervently pray for others who have it do not appreciate it. I was battered and angry, having series of breakups and piles of men who took me for granted, I was just the sex appeal lady whom everybody wanted to get laid and move on. The fact that they weren't seeing me as a keeper was telling on me, at some point I threw in the towel, cared less and just decided to bang as they come, it's a free world after all and you only live once but then here I am today fulfilled.
'Marv I'm glad I have you and I'm going to thank God every day for the gift of you' he said and let his hands slip towards my pot, whilst one played with my lips the other moved all the way up to cup my boob.
‘Uhhhhh' I moaned before he drew me closer raising one of my legs and holding it with one hand whilst kissing me passionately. I leaned into​ him more and as he slipped in a finger I moaned loudly, from one he increased it to two and whilst he finger fucked me, he rubbed my clit, I threw my head back and moaned more shutting my eyes, his mouth on my boobs doing wonders to it.
I didn't just get a husband only, I got the full package sex and all, in my state of ecstasy I stroked his dick for a while, then got down on my knees still under the shower and gave him a mouth-watering fellatio that made him call my name countless times before he shot his cum down my throat.
He lifted me placed my back on the wall and buried his tongue in my pot, he tongue f*cked me to the end of the world and back I was begging him not to stop and he didn't stop, my legs were wobbly, my teeth gnashing as the pleasure travelled from my spine to my brain, my hubby took me to another level of ecstasy and I came with a bang.
He then lifted me slowly and plunged in, once in he assured me of his love again and started the slow movement, stroke after stroke making me moan softly enough to make him pump in more.
Ifeanyi f*cked me in a way that I've never been f*cked before, his dick was touching everywhere, I mean everywhere, he gave me that s*xy look and that smile that weakens me
'My beautiful wife, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere' He said with his voice breaking
'When I saw you, I knew you were the one, I knew you were the mother of my unborn kids, and I'm glad I found you and made you mine' His voice kept breaking as he spoke, it was when a tear dropped on my shoulder that I knew he was crying.
I looked at him in an assuring manner and said to him
'I'm here and I'm going to go through this journey with you with all my heart.' I wiped that tear of his face and smiled at him with a teary eye, leaned in to him more and he fired more intense stroke's and it wasn't long we came with a bang together.
He pulled out of me kissed my forehead, helped me wash off, dried my skin and carried me into the room.
Our honeymoon is really going to hold many sweet memories.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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