Sunday, 2 April 2017

Woman Welcomes Adorable Baby Girl After 15-Year Bareness (Photos)

The pictures of the cute baby girl in question

A young lady has graced Facebook with a massive breakthrough made by her family member who was childless for over a decade.
Ngozi Gloria, a Facebook user is currently trending on social media after she share a great news of her aunty overcoming age-long bareness.

According to her, the aunty had been childless for about 15 years but she has finally gotten pregnant and given birth to a boucning baby girl with heart-rending looks.
"After good 15 years of childlessness, good bless my aunt with this wonderful princess... Thank you God of impossibility specialist, there is nothing too hard for you" she captioned the lovely photos of the baby.
The testimony is bound to serve as encouragement to other women struggling with bareness across the world.

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