Saturday, 8 April 2017

Villagers in Shock After the Head of a Baby Appears Beside a Grave in Broad Daylight

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In what will come across as a shocking incident, residents of Madzivadondo Villafge in Gokwe, Zimbabwe, have been left in fear after making a strange discovery.
The villagers reportedly found a baby’s head was found beside a grave last week on Saturday morning.
According to B-Metro, Moses Chipere who is the deceased baby’s uncle, revealed that one-month-old Tawonga had been buried in the grave a day before his head was found outside it.
“Baby Tawonga died on Thursday afternoon after a short illness. Burial arrangements were made and he was laid to rest on Friday morning. He was buried in the garden that is our homestead.

"As per our custom, the elders have to go and check the grave every morning for two weeks. Upon arrival at the grave site, they discovered that the grave had been tampered with,” said Chipere.
“There was a big opening on the grave and the baby’s body was missing. The baby’s head was found 10 metres from the grave beside another another grave after a search was conducted. We called a local traditional healer who performed a ritual before we reburied the baby’s head,” he added.
Baby Tawonga’s mother Tarisai Chipere said she was battling to come to terms with the unusual incident.
“It pains me not to know what happened to my child’s body. He was just a child and he obviously never wronged anyone, so why would he be made to suffer?” she said.
Contacted for comment Chief Nembudziya confirmed the incident and said the whole village was left stunned.

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