Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Wife Denies Me S*x Just Because Her Mum Is Around

As shared by Alfred, a young married man...
Last night something happened. I'm staying in one bed room flat. Since my wife's mum came for omugo/visit. I left the bedroom for them and start staying in the sitting room. 
At night, I do expect her to join me in the parlor because our baby is two months and...
Last week, I have to urge her to join me in the parlor which she did. On three occasions, I tried making love to her, she said... MY MUM IS AROUND AND WE SHOULD RESPECT HER PRESENCE. Seriously I got offended and did it without her offer. 
Yet, she's still refusing to join me in the parlor. If I should do away runs now they will start complaining.

You guys should pls advice me urgently because if this continues, I might do the otherwise.

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