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Main signs of aging and tips for preventing them

Main signs of aging and tips for preventing them

Cosmetology has stepped so far that today we can easily cope with wrinkles on our face! But unfortunately, some signs of aging still give out the true age of a woman, even if she looks great. Today we will tell you about major "betrayers" and, of course, give valuable advice on how to deal with them in order to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. Indulge yourself, buy only high-quality cosmetic products – visit https://jiji.ng/health-and-beauty! Jiji is the most popular Nigerian marketplace! Here you will find the greatest assortment of natural skin care products from real sellers at affordable prices! The website is very user-friendly, so you can save a lot of time. And then you can spend this time on different skin care treatments and find your key to eternal youth!

Nasolabial folds

Problem: Nasolabial folds can become your problem even if you are twenty-five, so the sooner you begin the “fight”, the better.
Solution: the most effective methods for today — bio-reinforcing and biorevitalization, and for very deep folds - fillers with hyaluronic acid.

Skin color

Problem: The skin of a young person literally glows from the inside and has a smooth tone. Over time, however, the process of skin cells renewal slows down, making the pigmentation much more noticeable.
Solution: in the early stages of a “fight” you can use bleaching facial creams. Next, you can use photorejuvenation and Fraxel. And do not forget to regularly use a cream with SPF.


Problem: Even if you have a perfectly smooth face, hands can always tell about your age. Spots, wrinkles, protruding veins are the main signs of aging. In addition, the nails become more delicate and fragile, and there appear yellow pigments.
Solution: about 80% of the typical age-related changes caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Regularly use special sunscreen and be sure to wear gloves when you are working in the garden. And, of course, the laconic manicure in neutral noble shades will give your hands a fresh look.


Problem: Neck is most prone to aging. However, just like in the situation with under eye circles, people begin to think about this problem only in the moment when it is already quite clear.
Solution: posture plays a big role here. Stoop adds several folds, so always remember about position of your shoulders and head. For “fighting” with wrinkles in this area, cosmetology offers plasma lifting, ultrasonic facelift and fillers.

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