Monday, 3 April 2017

I Got Married Just Last Month But I'm Already Having S*x With Another Married Man - Wife Confesses

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 A newly married woman who has found herself in a rather delicate situation, has cried out on social media about her messed up love life. 

The woman told her story on break_or_makeup telling stunned readers about her marriage.
According to her, she got married just about a month ago but is already feeling fed up with the marriage. She revealed that there is no more spice in her marriage as her husband is almost never around.
Now she has fallen in love with another married man who has just nearly wedded his wife. According to her, they have been even been having s*x already and she feels great with him.
She revealed that they have begun planning on how to get divorced from their partners so that they can be together.
Below is how she told the story:

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