Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Father Killed Himself Just Days After His Newborn Baby Died

A newborn baby suffering from pneumonia died just days after a GP dismissed his mother’s concerns about his breathing difficulties - and then lost the piece of paper on which she had recorded the appointment.

Three-week-old Mason Kane was taken to his local surgery for treatment after becoming short of breath and struggling with a sticky eye and a rash. But to the anger of his mother, Dr Nandini Das, 55, gave Mason the all-clear and said his eye should be treated with shampoo.

Then because the baby wasn’t yet registered at the clinic, the doctor hand-wrote details on a sheet of paper - only to then fail to input the family’s concerns on a computer database. She subsequently misplaced the note, an inquest was told.

Just five days later Mason was rushed into hospital after he stopped breathing and his face turned blue whilst lying in his Moses basket.

He died later in hospital from multiple organ failure with tests showing he had a blood clot on his lung.

Mason was also found to have acute pneumonia in his lungs but a pathologist believed it was caused as a result of being on a ventilator.

The youngster’s father Robert Kane was so heartbroken at his son’s death, he killed himself on his 36th birthday.

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