Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Drama as Husband Beats and Disgraces Wife in Public After Catching Her with the Boss (Photos)

The man allegedly assaulted the wife for sleeping outside their home
A Zimbabwean woman was disgraced in public by the husband after she was caught in the company of the boss having slept outside her home the previous night.
According to H-metro, the woman identified as Samantha, an employee with a bakery in Gweru and merchandising at a retail giant is recorded at the premises alongside the boss as she's assaulted by the husband. The husband, identified as Ottis, is filmed fuming asking the wife where she had slept the previous night.

“Where is she coming from? She didn’t sleep home. Ukudanana naboss vako hanti?” fumed Ottis.
On the other hand Samantha is seen pleading with her boss saying, “Please siyanai naye boss ndomafungiro ake kuti tiri kudanana.”
A source privy to the development said the husband trapped his wife after suspecting that she might be cheating on him since the woman was acting strangely before she left home.
Samantha could not shed light on the matter.
She just said, “I am still at work. We are not allowed to take calls l will get back to you.”
Efforts to contact her later on were futile as she was not answering her phone. The husband’s phone could not be reached as it was not reachable. Officials at her employer’s office only laughed at the matter, declining to comment.
Sources at the supermarket said Samantha had since stopped coming to work since the incident.
“She was last seen at work the day she was involved in the fracas,” said the source.

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