Sunday, 2 April 2017

Daniel Newman Comes Out As Gay

The Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman has come out as gay after having poignant moment with a girl in a homeless youth shelter.

The actor took to Twitter to reveal the truth about his sexuality, and after getting such a huge response, he posted a video on Youtube explaining his decision.

In the tweet, he wrote: ‘I’m #OUTandPROUD #LGBT Love you guys. Be proud to be yourself. We need everyone just the way you are! I’ll chat with you guys tonight.’

He later posted the video of himself explaining it was in a moment when a girl pointed out to him that his coming out could help many people, he decided it was the time ‘to be visible.’

‘If you are watching this then you know what it’s about,’ he said. ‘It’s just time. I was helping out at some homeless youth shelters and this girl came up to me and said “thank you so much for helping out with LGBT” and she sounded like she didn’t deserve it.

‘And I said “why?”, and she said “because you’re straight”.

‘And I said “I’m not straight” and she said “why have you never said that publicly before? You could help change our lives”.’

He added: ‘It hit me like a gut punch. It felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me.’

He then went on to say he realised the importance of being visible, and that keeping quiet about such things, and when accomplishing incredible things, it can hurt people instead of help.

‘Staying quiet, we’re partly to blame for kids getting beaten and ridiculed,’ he said.

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