Friday, 21 April 2017

Cops Rescue Kidnapped Student From Teacher After 5 Weeks Search

Former Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins was arrested this morning near a remote commune in northern California and 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, whom he was alleged to have kidnapped, was found unharmed nearly 2,500 miles from home after an intense five-week search.

At a press conference held Thursday afternoon, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) spokesperson Josh DeVine recounted how a tip from a resident led to Cummins' capture and Thomas' recovery.

According to the official, at around 11pm on Wednesday, TBI got a call from a man saying he may have encountered the wanted pair.

The man said that the two of them were believed to have taken up residence in a cabin in Cecilville, California - a very isolated and rural area near the Oregon border - within the last week and a half.

TBI then contacted the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office and learned that investigators there had received the same tip from the same person who contacted the Tennessee agency.

Deputies were then dispatched to the isolated location, where they found what appeared to be Cummins' Nissan Rogue parked outside a cabin.

The sheriff's officials were able to confirm through the VIN number on the Nissan that it was, indeed, Cummins' vehicle.

The deputies kept the Nissan under surveillance for several hours and when Cummins showed up in the morning, they took him into custody and rescued Thomas.

TBI Director Mark Gwyn told reporters Thomas, who was described as healthy and physically unharmed, will soon be heading home to Tennessee on board a TBI aircraft.

On top of state charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor, Cummins has also been charged with a federal count of transportation of a minor across state lines for the purpose of sexual intercourse.

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