Sunday, 26 March 2017

Why Nigerians are Being Denied Entry at US Airports - Envoy in Washington Opens Up

While speaking in an exclusive new interview in
Washington DC, the Charge d'affaires of the Embassy of
Nigeria in Washington, has opened on President Donald
Trump's travel ban which affected Nigerians.

The Chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Nigeria in
Washington, Amb. Hakeem Balogun, says different
reasons are responsible for the extreme vetting Nigerians
face during entry into the US.
Balogun, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria
in Washington, added that the President Donald Trump’s
travel ban did not affect Nigerians.
He said, “The executive ban on immigration does not
affect Nigerians. Whatever must have taken place
regarding visa issuance, vetting at the airports, it’s all
“All these things have been on even before President
Trump. Let’s get one thing well. That you are issued visa
is not a guarantee that you will end up wherever you’re
“It’s a global thing; it’s not just United States. Even with
us in Nigeria, we issue a visa to you here in the Nigerian
Embassy. There is no guarantee that you will get in when
you get to Murtala Muhammed Airport or when you get to
Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport.”
Balogun added, “The final authority is the man at the point
of entry – immigration officers there. For instance, you
can come to the Embassy here, we ask for all the things
you need to get the visa.
“How much do you have that we feel will be enough for
you to stay in Nigeria for the period you’re going. May be
as at that time, you were able to show us evidence that
you have a thousand dollars which we feel will be enough
for you to stay in Nigeria.
“By the time you get to Murtala Muhammed Airport, the
man at that end there asked you, all you have to show to
him is 100 dollars, definitely, he might turn you back, and
that’s normal.”
Balogun also said Nigerians are restricted from entering
the US because they failed to meet other required
procedures. “Then there are other things. What manner of
visa did you collect to come to the United States?
“For instance, a pregnant woman who comes to the United
States on visiting visa will probably be turned back at the
point of entry because she does not have a medical visa.
“You are coming in on a visiting visa and the immigration
man sees you pregnant. Naturally, he will turn you back.
“Even if you have the medical visa, they want to know if
you have medical insurance; do you have you medical
documents for you to be able to come and use their
medical facilities here.
“So these are issues. Nigeria is not being singled out. We
are not one of those countries that have been mentioned.
We are definitely not one of them."

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