Saturday, 28 January 2017

See the New Method People Are Using to Withdraw All Their Money From MMM

A new method has been proffered for MMM Nigeria members who are desperately in need to get their money back after numerous attempts.
MMM Nigeria
A man has narrated how his friend was able to retrieve all his money he invested in the popular ponzi scheme, MMM Nigeria after numerous failed attempts..
Since the dramatic comeback of the ponzi scheme, many people have been unable to withdraw their money from the system, it is either they are not matched or the people matched to pay them refuse outrightly to pay.
Here is how the individual got his money back after waiting endlessly. The individual wrote: "A Friend of mine who invested money in MMM has recovered all her money using this amazing new method. It might be shocking but many people are getting their money back using this new mmm method.
"The first method is making use of can actually get your money back using the new bitcoin payment option in mmm. the second method is, simply sending email or calling MMM customer service that you want to PH so so amount of money but needs to GH first and you will see how fast they will match you immediately."
It is not yet certain if the process works but some people have said it worked for them.

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