Saturday, 28 January 2017

Revealed: 12 Things Ladies Wish Guys Knew About Blowjob

Ladies love to give good head to guys but guys also need to know some things about what goes on in their mind during head.
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1. Ladies deserve credit for getting you excited
Some credit is deserved, if working on you and your body results in the little man being excited.  Don’t fight it, just give the credit and move on.
2. Don’t push our heads so much
We understand you like it a lot, and you perhaps want to prompt the lady to the next thing. Be patient, we will take them as hints and do them at the appropriate time. It can be annoying and kill the mood.
3. Blowing you while you’re standing isn’t that easy
It looks like the standard position but it also requires work, it looks submissive to you because the girl is on the ground on her knees, she can obviously bruise her knee her, so invest in some kneepad or some soft material that she can put her knees on.
4. Deep throating isn’t as easy as you think
Not every lady wants to deep throat or even know how to deep throat, some ladies have serious gag reflexes. Gorging down a dick into a throat isn’t exactly what the mouth is built for, if it happens, appreciate her for this.
5. We’re sexy and we know it
Pretty ladies know they’re pretty but it’s always good to give compliments. Nothing wrong with that, hearing you say it isn’t bad so please be kind enough to mention it.
6. Our Grunts and moans are sometimes just for show
Moans and grunts are part of sex, but sometimes they’re faked to get the show on the road, to keep it moving along. Just sometimes not all the time. Amen?
7. You need to get over 69
This position is more fantasy than reality, the idea is good, infact very good but if the execution is poor, it can lead to memorable laughter situation for the future.
8. Warn when you’re about to cum
Only when she has told you about her fantasy of swallowing cum are you allowed to ejaculate in her mouth, else you should notify her when you’re about to cum.
9. There are rules for blowjob while you’re driving
It’s risqué and fun but it has to be within context. Women don’t mind on a lonely road but definitely not on a busy road in the middle of the day. Guy, behave!
10. Shower scenes are complicated
Just like 69, some of these things are not as easy as seems. A girl can only take so much, water and dick in her mouth might be a lot of work, if she can pull it off. Appreciate her, gawdammit!
11. No blowjob for every time no one is around
So, we give excellent blowjob and you love it but it isn’t every time that we want to give you a head when we’re alone. When you get it, appreciate it.
12. Aint nobody got time for that
We like to blow you for sure, but nobody has time to blow you for 30 minutes to an hour. We like to blow you but not through a full match.
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