Thursday, 22 December 2016

What is He Doing? See the Weird Way a Man Was Caught Proposing to His Girlfriend Recently (Photo)

A viral photo has caused a stir on social media after showing a man proposing to his girlfriend in a really weird manner.
This is the viral photo which has gotten many people confused on social media.
The photo shows a man and a woman obviously enacting a marriage proposal scene but something obviously appears wrong with the whole enactment.
Apparently, during a marriage proposal, the conventional thing is that the man has to kneel down and ask for his future wife's hand in marriage while she will then be left to either say yes or no to him.
However, this time around, the woman is the one who is kneeling down while the man is seen holding her fingers, obviously putting a ring on one of them.
At first, one might be tempted to think this is not a wedding proposal afterall but some activity the two of them are engaged in but then there is a huge banner behind the kneeling woman on which is written "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and is held by witnesses of the rather weird ceremony.
Social media users have since commented on the ceremony with differing views.
Some people feel that the couple simply wanted to do something different and cause a scene on social media.
However, some others feel the woman must have been tired of being alone and had forced the man into proposing by buying the ring herself. They insist she was too excited that she had knelt down instead of the man.
And yet, others feel that the man is simply a male chauvinist who could not bear the thought of kneeling down in front of a woman and so had instructed his girlfriend to kneel at the occassion.
What do you think about it?

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