Tuesday, 20 December 2016

College Girl Melts Hearts For Taking Care Of 93-Year-Old Widowed Granny 'Room mate'. Photos

A story about the strong bond between a 20-year-old girl and her 93-year-old grandma has tugged at heartstrings across China. The decision to take her grandma along with her while continuing her studies, indeed, was not that easy for Liu Lin, a sophomore at a college in southwest China’s Chengdu city.

Liu lost her father this April, who died of an illness, resulting in her mother having a break down and the family being thrown into poverty. At the same time the dead father's mother, Liu's grandma, could hardly move after fracturing her leg accidentally earlier in March. Liu decided to shoulder the load herself, “I’ve got no other choice, no one can take care of her at home,” she said, “I was raised up by my grandma, now it’s my turn.”

Liu Lin made a warm cozy home for the two of them out of a small rented house near the campus. To make time to cook her grandma breakfast Liu has to get up half an hour earlier than before at 7:30 am. After the morning classes, she rushes home for lunch, making some hot tender food for the almost toothless grandma.

And the devoted granddaughter knows better than anyone else about what the old lady likes: her favorite snacks like sausage and marshmallow are always within reach, the computer has stored tons of the grandma’s beloved war movies for her to watch, and on warm days, the granddaughter carries her downstairs and wheels her out for a breath of fresh air.

Liu’s devotion has touched many hearts, and some have even offered to fund her and the grandma. The girl, however has refused the kind donations, “it feels like getting something for nothing.” The two are mainly supported by Liu’s brother, who contributes a large part of his 2000-yuan monthly wage to them. And Liu Lin has also taken on a part time job on campus to help make up for their daily expenses, “We can make it, then no need to rely on others.”

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