Monday, 19 September 2016

Comedian Bovi's Wife shares their story...how she married him when he had nothing

When you try to advise some misguided ladies rooming around looking for a 'rich' man to pour their desperation for money on, some would say you are chauvinist. Their idea of marriage is money, not minding what tomorrow holds. And that's one of the reasons many of these fake marriages are failing anyhow, ones the money don finish, love don finish. Lol!

But like I often say, for a man who is serious and hardworking, in five years he would be able to get his acts together and could even become more comfortable than most guys you see as 'rich'.
Bovi got married 7 years ago with nothing, to a loving wife. 7 years later he's got a house in Lekki, the same Lekki that some of those you see as "rich" are still living as tenant for years. Smiles!

Read how his beautiful wife captured their experience:

'Oh how I love #throwbackpictures 😍😍😍 ..... #7years together and I have never had a reason to regret accepting to be your wife. You chased me with every word, every conviction, every dream, but shi shi you did not have 😂😂. 
Oh I remember your first car, a cherry QQ it was smaller than a picanto, and the uncompleted bunker where we started life together with our first baby 😍😍 I look back now and smile giving God all the glory, I am so glad I was a part of your life at the time
All you had to give were your words, your love & your dreams, I saw a young wise man ( Ecc 4:13) with so much vision & potentials. Thank God 🙏🏾 I never doubted you for a minute, even though most of them seemed unrealistic at the time
(Of cos now I can say the truth 😂) You have never settled for less no matter the situation.....At the age of 20 I, prayed to God to give me a husband just like my Father #PeterAsimonye. A sweet caring man who cared not just for himself, but for people (that is you @officialbovi) Always wanting to be happy & making everyone you come across happy. Even though the world laughed at us well, the small world we lived in, we didn't care.

We were happy and that's all that mattered to us, to me especially. And from the day we both said "I DO" it's been blessings upon blessings!! I celebrate you today my sweet love, you have not just pulled your weight, you have pulled mine as well. As imperfect as we both are, you have been an awesome husband & father to our kids.... A selfless man. If I were to choose all over again, I would choose you just because you are YOU..... & YOU are irreplaceable.

Thank you mummy #DrmagaretUgboma for raising a man worthy to be called a husband & father. I love you forever my lover & friend 🤗 #happyanniversarytous #youngandinlove #humbleBeginnings"
Marriage is a beautiful experience, when you get it right and build a life with your true spouse.

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