Tuesday, 26 January 2016

WHAT A MESS! Wizkid Baby Mama was sleeping with Davido?

Some of these small girls of nowadays are not loyal at all, they are only good as a play thing, dues should just not get serious with them if you want to keep your reputation. Big eye for money and all that.

Guys, please stop going skin-to-skin with a girl you know is for "every man" who is just waiting for the man who is ready to give her money or buy hair extension, recharge car, handbag, phones, etc.
As you read this, sources with  the inner details have revealed that the girl who is claiming to have given birth to a baby boy for Wizkid is a "free giver". Who is she, really? The details...

According to some secret DMs, Wizkid new "baby mama", Binta Diamond Diallo, is a notorious groupie who has been linked with many guys, including some Nigerian's like KCee and Davido.
Do the math. She slept with Wizkid during OTC in May last year when he had a concert in Houston, exactly nine months up to now if you calculate from dates of her/his added pictures & videos. She was also with Davido and KCee around the same time. 
WIZKID go do a DNA test, these hoes be for everybody and looking to trap anybody.

Other DM’s stated this is not her first time getting pregnant & pinning it one someone. She is just hoping it is Wizkid’s for a payout.

The babe has been casted before as a full time groupie. She is always out every night looking for celebrities to go home with. Guess Wizkid fell into her thirst trap and this is the result.

A lot is being said about this Binta that one has to wonder why some girls like to useless themselves. Sigh!

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