Saturday, 19 December 2015

Why I’d never put my family in the spotlight –Yemi Blaq

If you search for popular Nigerian actor, Yemi Blaq, on the Internet, most of the suggestions that pops up border on his family.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, the talented actor said that he could only mention his family online but can never post pictures of private family events.
He said that he would never put his family in the public glare because they dislike it as much as he does.
He said, “The funny thing is that my family is not in the public but my family’s tale is in the public. You cannot see pictures or actual events about my family on the internet but things pop up about my work. I keep my family away from the public eye because they do not like it. My wife is a writer but she does not like to be in the public glare.
“It is inevitable to have mentions of my family on the internet but I would never put my family in the spotlight. I am an extremely private person and that is why I would not let my family be in the public glare.”

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