Sunday, 20 December 2015

Popular House of Reps Member Slept with Three Blood Sisters

According to reports making the rounds, a popular House of Reps member allegedly had canal knowledge with three sisters of the same mother. City People Mag revealed that the Reps member is from one of the south-eastern part of the country.

The legislator, known as a catholic; in his search for a Catholic Church where he would do confessions, had the dirty secrets about his s*x escapades with the three sisters leaked somehow.

It was learnt that the Honourable member is known for his randy character...
both at the NASS and areas he visits for service in the city. It was gathered that once he spots a chic he likes, he does not hesitate to go after her, and he does everything within his capacity to woo the lady over.

It was gathered that the three sisters who the Reps Member had slept with lived not too far from the spa, where the Honourable uses. It was learnt that he sighted the two sisters during one of his visits to the spa and he took an interest in them. One thing led to the other, he started dating the eldest sister.

He took her on a shopping spree and they went on vacation to exotic places. He bought gifts for her and for her two other younger sisters. Further information revealed that one of the younger sisters got the phone number of the Honourable from her elder sister’s phone to show appreciation.

With the call, the Honourable member encouraged her to come and see him privately. That was how he got the second lady who is believed to be twenty-three year old.

The Honourable’s predation didn’t stop there. The lawmaker went ahead to use another trick to get to meet the youngest sister. It was gathered that the lawmaker asked the eldest sister to organise a birthday party for the youngest sister which he footed the bills and appeared briefly.

During the party, the honorable lawmaker slipped some dollars and his complimentary card into the hands of the Twenty year old girl. Since then, he has been dating the three sisters taking them randomly on trips outside the country and spoiling them with gifts.

Though it's not certain if the three sisters are aware of the game the randy lawmaker is playing, but it was gathered that he usually buys gifts for the three sisters during his trip with any of them.

Sources say he enjoys the company of the younger sister as she is more daring in erotic activities.

The randy legislator was said to have complained openly to a friend of his, that he has virtually visited all the Catholic Churches in the city for confession and in search for other Catholic Church branches in the area so he can go for more confessions. Lol!

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