Friday, 18 December 2015

Father Of 8 Who Was Completely Devoted To His Family Dies In His Sleep

Devastated mum Chloe Green has told her heartache after her 31-year-old husband died suddenly in his sleep. James Warner had a fit and then stopped breathing in the early hours of Friday 4 December. Between them, the couple had eight children.
Mr Warner leaves behind Leo, nine, Levi, six, Oliver, four, Megan, three, Miley, two, Lacey, one, Lexie, one and Elijah, who is just 14 weeks old.
Chloe, 27, described the moment she tried to revive her husband before he suddenly died at their home in Dyffryn Ardudwy, Gwynedd. She described Mr Warner as “completely devoted to his family”.
She said: “James woke up around 4.30am and was acting quite odd, he suddenly just went into a fit on the bed and stopped breathing. I rang the ambulance straight away and I started doing CPR on him to try and get him breathing again until the paramedics got there. When the paramedics arrived they carried on with the CPR but sadly he never came back to us. It all happened so quickly, I was so shocked. Before we went to bed it had just been like any other normal day, he wasn’t ill so I just don’t know why this has happened.” So sad.

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