Friday, 26 June 2015

Yoruba Actress Yetunde Akilapa Caught Stealing Again

It seems someone is really bent on
destroying this beautiful girl's life. I
wonder what they stand to gain.
Yoruba actress Yetunde Akilapa who has
been branded a thief due to a strange
voice she claims pushes her to steal, has
gone for deliverance twice now but the
spirit is still very much acting in her. Just
months after she was beaten mercilessly
by a mob in the Magodo area of Lagos for
finding a way into a man's flat with the
help of a master key, Yetunde has once
again been disgraced at Yaba where she
was employed as a makeup apprentice.

The lady who's teaching her makeup was
said to have just stocked her shop with
iphones, laptops and other gadgets she
newly brought into the country. At the
close of day, everybody went home, but
Yetunde came back later at night with a
master key...
SHOCKER: Her sister, Bose Akilapa who is
so upset about her sister's dilemma, said
their mother is behind Yetunde's
misfortune because she once cursed her.
Angry Bose is said to have gone to call her
mother names asking her to reverse the
curse and in-between the argument she
tore her mother's clothes.
...she gained entrance into the store and
took away some iphones, ipads and
laptops before someone spotted her. She
was accosted and arrested. Again, she
blamed it on the strange speaking in her
The shop owner who was later called
rushed to the scene, called in the police
who whisked her away. Two days after,
Yetunde was released and this made the
lady upset. She called in another set of
policemen and they've re-arrested the
troubled actress. She's in custody waiting
to be charged to court.
What a life! I pray the good Lord help her
out of this spiritual mess.

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