Friday, 26 June 2015

Yoruba Actress Yetunde Akilapa Caught Stealing Again

It seems someone is really bent on
destroying this beautiful girl's life. I
wonder what they stand to gain.
Yoruba actress Yetunde Akilapa who has
been branded a thief due to a strange
voice she claims pushes her to steal, has
gone for deliverance twice now but the
spirit is still very much acting in her. Just
months after she was beaten mercilessly
by a mob in the Magodo area of Lagos for
finding a way into a man's flat with the
help of a master key, Yetunde has once
again been disgraced at Yaba where she
was employed as a makeup apprentice.

The lady who's teaching her makeup was
said to have just stocked her shop with
iphones, laptops and other gadgets she
newly brought into the country. At the
close of day, everybody went home, but
Yetunde came back later at night with a
master key...
SHOCKER: Her sister, Bose Akilapa who is
so upset about her sister's dilemma, said
their mother is behind Yetunde's
misfortune because she once cursed her.
Angry Bose is said to have gone to call her
mother names asking her to reverse the
curse and in-between the argument she
tore her mother's clothes.
...she gained entrance into the store and
took away some iphones, ipads and
laptops before someone spotted her. She
was accosted and arrested. Again, she
blamed it on the strange speaking in her
The shop owner who was later called
rushed to the scene, called in the police
who whisked her away. Two days after,
Yetunde was released and this made the
lady upset. She called in another set of
policemen and they've re-arrested the
troubled actress. She's in custody waiting
to be charged to court.
What a life! I pray the good Lord help her
out of this spiritual mess.

ISIS publicly flog two men for privately breaking Ramadan Fast [PHOTOS]

ISIS publicly flogged two men who were
accused of secretly breaking the Ramadan
fast and lying about their 'crime'.
Photographs released by ISIS' Information
Office show the men being punished in a
desert clearing.
A young terror commander is seen reading
out the charges against the two prisoners,
while a huge crowd of bloodthirsty locals
struggle to get a better view of the brutal
This comes just days after ISIS savages
tied two young boys to a pole by their
wrists and left them hanging in the air for
several hours after accusing them of
breaking the Ramadan fast.
The shocking incident took place in the
village of Mayadeen in Deir Ezzor province
and involved boys 'aged under 18',
according to the Syrian Observatory of
Human Rights.

David Mark Sacks Son, Younger Brother, 120 Personal Assistants (See)

Following the defeat of the Peoples
Democratic Party in the last general
elections, former Senate President, David
Mark has off-loaded no fewer than 120 of
his personal assistants and domestic
workers, including his son and younger
Mark decided to dispose them after his
ruling party was ousted from the
presidency on March 28. It was indeed a
double tragedy for Mark as his party also
failed to return to power in his own Benue
Mark led the Senate for eight years, a feat
no legislator has achieved in the history of
Nigeria. He hitherto had over 300 personal
assistants and domestic workers. Among
his workers were his son, Babatunde Mark
and his brother, Igoche Mark.
While Igoche was his Personal Assistant
(PA), his son, Tunde was his Special
Assistant on Special Duties and Interior.
However, things fell apart after PDP was
booted out of power and the mantle of
leadership was taken away from the
retired soldier to Bukola Saraki; hence his
decision to cut cost by disengaging some
of his workers.
An insider hinted that some of his
domestic workers were even been owed
for several months before they were
"What is the essence of keeping
them when he is no longer in
power? What will an ordinary floor
member of the Senate be doing with
over 200 workers? The money is no
longer coming so he had to cut his
coat according to his cloth.
"To tell you how serious it is, his
son, Tunde was also affected and his
brother, Igoche as well. However,
Igoche is still working closely with
him", he hinted.
Asked why he sacked his own son, the
source said:
"His son, Tunde is not an illiterate.
He studied Biochemistry and
immunology from the prestigious
Kings College, London. He needs to
start his own life since his father is
no longer in power. He has since
flown out of the country following
his disengagement".
Following Mark's exit from power, his
GRA house has literarily turned to a
graveyard as usual activities in the place
has vanished. Similarly, activities in
Otukpo, Mark's country home during the
weekend has died down.
"Sometimes in the past, hotels in Otukpo
would be fully booked because of some
persons who came from far and wide to
meet with him. Now even hotel owners
are complaining of low patronage," the
insider claimed. Asked if the yearly Mark
'D Ball basket ball competition will still
hold, the insider said,
"Igoche is the one in charge of
that. But considering the expenses
involved, I am not sure the event
would hold this year."
Mark, a former governor of Niger State
under General Ibrahim Babangida and one
time Minister for Communication was a
pioneer member of the Peoples
Democratic Party.
He has been in the senate since 1999 and
had affirmed that he would not leave the
party despite its defeat in the last general

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Albino girl rescued after uncle tried to sell her to witch- doctors [PHOTO]

This little albino girl own uncle tried to sell
her to a witch doctor for thousands of
dollars so she could be hacked to death
and her body parts used to make a potion
to bring the rich and powerful luck.
Margareth Khamis was snatched from the
home she shares with her mother and
three siblings in northern Tanzania by a
masked gang in the middle of the night
last week.
Mailonline reports that ,the kidnapping
sparked a frantic search by the villagers,
who tried to follow the gang through the
bush without luck.

An entire albino body has been known to
fetch £50,000 ($75,000) on the black
But unlike many other children with
ablinism, luck was on the six-year-old's
side: local police heard a man was looking
to sell a little girl for an undisclosed sum
which could have run into the tens of
thousands. Had he been successful, it is
likely Margareth would not have been seen
Instead, the police set up a sting, and
pretended to be a potential customer.
Jume Bwire, the acting Tabora regional
police commander, said:
'After we had received the information
our officers immediately put our trap and
were able to arrest the man red-handed.'
Shockingly, the man they arrested was
Margareth's 44-year-old uncle. Thankfully,
she was unharmed and was quickly
reunited with her family.
Margareth's mother Joyce Mwandu, who
also has albinism, was relieved to have her
young daughter back.

11 kid robbers aged 12-14 arrested in Ibadan

11 kid robbers arrested in Ibadan,Oyo
state are to be rehabilitated.They were
arrested on June 15.The Commissioner of
Police, Mohammed Katsina, told News
Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan
Some of the kid robbers, aged between 12
and 14, conspired and invaded a house
around the Challenge Area of Ibadan,
where they stole the sum of N11,000.
"Based on information, the Anti-Robbery
Squad of the command was sent out
immediately and they were surprised to
see kids of 12 and 14 years of age coming
out to make confessional statements,"
he said.
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Katsina, who also expressed pity on the
plight of the kids, explained that they
voluntarily narrated to the police details
about their activities. He lamented that
the involvement of the kids in robbery
activities could be attributed to lack of
parental care and poverty.
"Most of these children are from broken
homes and I wish parents can learn from
the plight of these kids and take proper
care of their children.
"One thing that keeps disturbing me is
the voluntary narration and sincerity of
the kids. They have no shelter of any sort
and to them, their future starts and ends
on the bridge. "Their only means of
livelihood is to savage innocent members
of the public, be involved in pick
pocketing, robbery and related criminal
activities," he said. Katsina noted that 90
per cent of the kids arrested were not
residents or indigenes of Oyo State.
"Some of them are from Benin Republic
in search of greener pastures in Nigeria, in
a negative way," he said. The police boss
disclosed that one of the 11 kid robbers, a
12-year-old boy, was apprehended in
Ogbomoso in a robbery-related conduct.
"In the course of the arrest, he led us to
six other members of his group, where
four of them were minors and the two
others adults. "The boy is from Kwara
State, as we got to know from his
confession. He confessed that his father
was living happily with his mother until he
married a second wife.
"As a result of that, there was a problem
and the mother moved out with the kid
robber and relocated to Ogbomoso," he
said. Katsina, however, added that the
command was currently taking care of the
11 arrested minors. He also said that
Governor Abiola Ajimobi had promised to
assist in the rehabilitation and provision
of adequate care for the kids.
"When I spoke with him, he said that
there were rehabilitation centres in
Ibadan, where the kids would be provided
with basic care amenities. The governor
also said that the state government would
assist to provide job opportunities for
unemployed youths in the state at the
newly-inaugurated Waste-to-Energy
projects." The Oyo police boss, however,
called on parents and the governments of
the neighbouring countries to monitor the
activities of their children and wards,
while admonishing Nigerians and
philanthropists to assist them.

IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales welcome son (photo)

Actor and model IK
Ogbonna has welcomed a son with his
stunning Colombian girlfriend, Sonia
Morales. Sonia gave birth this morning
June 20th. Mother and child are said to be
doing OK. The little bundle of joy has been
named Ace. Big congrats to them.

Friday, 19 June 2015

World's Oldest Woman Dies At Home Aged 116

The world's oldest woman has died at the
age of 116 just a month after gaining the
title. Jeralean Talley died at home in
Michigan after recent treatment for fluid
on the lungs in hospital according to her
77-year-old daughter, Thelma Holloway.
She was born May 23, 1899, in Montrose,
Georgia, and moved near Detroit, Michigan
in 1935. May her soul rest in peace.
They should come to Nigeria, they will see Mama 120, 130 self.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Meet the pregnant woman who can't stop eating soap

A Mum-to-be has developed a bizzare
pregnancy craving for soap.Jess Gayford
who is nearly eight months' pregnant
with her second child, started with bars
then moved on to liquid soap.She now
gets through up to two bottles a week.
She told Mirror UK
"It came out of nowhere. I wanted
to lick a bar of Dove soap. I went to
buy a bar and started licking it. It
sounds disgusting but it's really
nice.""In my first pregnancy I
wanted to eat baked beans and
cheese but nothing weird."
Her husband, Lee was worried at first but
they have been told it won't harm their
unborn daughter.
The condition pica, which mainly affects
children and pregnant women, causes
people to eat non-food items such as
sand, ice or paint.

Kids of nowadays...[PHOTO]

I am #Speechless.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Photo: Meet D’Prince' Baby Mama

Her name is Sharon Oparacho and she is 26. Sharon
is a graduate of Coventry University in the UK and
welcomed a baby with the singer few days ago.

Husband Returns From Vigil, Caught Wife In Bed With Male Lover

A man who had gone for an all-night prayer got the
shock of his life when he caught his 'faithful' wife
pants down with a neighbour on his bed at their
matrimonial home. The incident is said to have
happened at around 3am. "The two lovebirds' timing
was wrong as Maskiri decided to return earlier than
expected and he caught them in the act.
He then alerted some neighbours who proceeded to
report the matter to the police," said a witness. A
source said the husband, only identified as Maskiri,
returned home from prayers earlier than the usual
time and this helped him to catch his unfaithful wife,
Fungai Sibanda, having sex with their neighbour,
identified as Tinashe Mutuwari.
When Maskiri was contacted for comment, he
opened up saying he was still in dilemma of what
had driven his wife to do such an embarrassing
thing. "I had gone for an all-night prayer and my wife
had remained at home. At around 3am, I decided to
go home as I was feeling sleepy.
When I got home, I got the shock of my life as I
found my wife sleeping with Tinashe on our bed. I
became weak and could not do or say anything to the
two. I quietly walked out and informed some
neighbours," said Maskiri.
He revealed that he suspected it was not the first
time Tinashe had spend the night at his home as he
regularly went for all-night prayers leaving his wife
at home. To the surprise of many, the wife got a
restraining order from a local court against her
husband. "Surprisingly, Fungai rushed to seek a
peace order against me saying I was troubling her
and she won the case," the husband added.

Beautiful Photo Of Obama’s Two Daughters, Malia And Sasha.

Sasha and Malia Obama have definitely grown to
become beautiful young ladies!

Malia is 16 while Sasha just turned 14.

Ik Ogbonna's pregnant fiancee shows off her sexy butt [PHOTO]

Despite the fact that she is 9 months
pregnant, Sonia Morales is still so sexy.

5 Sure Signs President Buhari May Soon Dump Bola Tinubu (Must Read)

Below are 5 signs Buhari may dump
1. Legislative Control.
It is so clear that President Muhammadu
Buhari in no way tried to decide who
becomes the leader of the national
Like the president said, he has ensured
fairness and allow the legislators choose
who leads them as stipulated by the
constitution. However, it was obvious
some other leaders including Bola Tinubu
wanted to forcefully place Ahmed Lawan
as the Senate President, but this did not
2. Choice Of Ministers:
There is a huge tendency that both Buhari
and Tinubu will clash as some of the
ministerial nominees preferred by Tinubu
might be rejected which could spark a row
between him and Buhari. As the days
continue to count, Nigerians eagerly await
the list of Ministers to be presented and
forwarded to the National Assembly for
confirmation. Although there had been
rumour that some Governors had
allegedly presented a list of ministers with
which the president rejected.
3. Osinbajo Might Be Sidelined:
As a matter of fact, Osinbajo is more of
the only political appointee of Bola Tinubu
in this present government. Especially as
regards the events that just happened at
the inauguration of the 8th Assembly.
There is every possibility that the in-
experienced lawyer could be sidelined.
4. Once A General Is Always A General:
Although, president Muhammadu Buhari
has made it clear that he should not be
referred to as a 'General'. He has
ensured fairness so far but we all know he
has a military background and he would
definitely definitely cut-to-size every over
bearing tendency of any individual.
5. Tinubu's Over-Bearing Influence:
Just like the events that happened at the
National Assembly. It is evident that Bola
Tinubu is becoming dictatorial in his mode
of politicking. The Jagaban Borgu he is
fondly called has a way of foistering his
choice on the majority even when it is
against public opinion. His refusal to
accept and recognize Saraki also gave
gives him out a politician who is doesn't
want his authority being challenged.
The leadership of the All Progressive
Congress(APC) is set to meet to resolve
the crisis.

25-Year-Old Woman Rapes Man At Gunpoint

In Chicago US, Ciera Ross a 25-year-old has
been arrested for allegedly raping a man
at Gunpoint.
According to the report, the mother of
two was driving on the North Side of
Chicago when they saw the hitchhiking
man waving them for a ride.
Ross stopped and asked the 33-year-old
man to hop into her car and after driving
some distance, she veered off the road
into a wooded area, pulled a gun on the
man and told him to have sex with her
and her friend or he would be shot.
The scared man, not sure of their
intentions of the women, begged them to
let him go but they forced him to take off
his clothes and she and her friend took
turns assaulting him sexually, after which
they took $200 and credit cards from the
The victim was able to escape when he
saw a taxi cab and ran from the car naked.
The cab driver allowed the man to use his
cellphone to take a picture of Ross'
license plate as she and her friend sped
The police was able to trace her with the
licence and it was realised she had been
arrested in the past for prostitution. She
was charged with rape and armed robbery
and held on a $75,000 bond while her
partner in crime is yet to be charged.

Photo of Raccoon standing on top of an alligator goes viral

A Raccoon was pictured standing very
comfortably on top of an alligator in
Florida's Ocala National Forest.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Photo: Nicki Minaj puts her sexy body on display

Nicki Minaj shared these sultry photo of
her banging body on her page.

Have You Seen MTN Condom? (Photos)

Never trust MTN. They might have a way
of making you suffer for it. One day, u
would just get a message "Dear Customer,
#100 has been deducted from your
account balance for the weekly charge of
our Condom dues. press 1 to pay in

Nigerian Drug Trafficker Gets 25-Years Jail Term In South Africa

The trafficker, identified as John Jekwe
Chigbu, has been slammed with a 25 year
jail term in a South African prison for
dealing in drugs and racketeering.
The Durban High Court South
Africa handed down the long sentence on
Chigbu after he was found guilty
of running a drug cartel inside the panel
business he was a co-owns in the city.
According to the indictment on the
Nigerian who is married to a South African
woman, Chigbu would receive orders for
cocaine and Ecstasy on his phone which he
distributes using three couriers including
his wife, Sithembile Sbongile Chigbu,
another Nigerian, Sunny Augustine Seyi
Osazuwa and a Burundian national,
Ndayisaba Ramazani, who would deliver
the drugs to customers who would then
pay the money into Chigbu's panel beating
business bank account.
The four accused were arrested following
a sting operation staged by the Organised
Crime Unit of the SA police.

Shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton welcomes son, share cute picture

Inspirational professional-surfer Bethany
Hamilton welcomed a baby boy on June
1st. Aged 13, Bethany lost her arm - and
60 per cent of the blood in her body -
when she was attacked by a shark while
surfing off the coast of Kauai. Incredibly,
she survived the attack.
The now 25-year-old and husband Adam
Dirks announced the news on Twitter and
shared a first picture of the baby with
Hamilton, who lost her arm in a 2003
shark attack, shared the happy news with
followers on Instagram on Monday, June
'Blessed to welcome our son, Tobias, into
the world! #stokedmomma,' she
captioned it.

National Assembly members to get N8.64bn as wardrobe allowance next week

The newly inaugurated members of the
National Assembly are to receive N8.64
billion as Wardrobe allowance next week.
According to ThisDay, N8.64 billion
wardrobe allowance translates to N17.5
million for each of the 360 members of
the House of Representatives and N21.5
million for each of the 109 senators. This
is asides the other allowances they are
entitled to which includes furniture,
housing and vehicle.
While the wardrobe allowance will cover
the entire four-year tenure that they will
be in office, their housing allowances are
to be paid on a yearly basis. Based on the
approval of the Revenue Mobilisation
Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC),
the housing allowance for political office
holders is usually 200 per cent of their
annual salaries, the furniture allowance is
300 per cent of annual salaries, while a
motor vehicle loan is pegged at 400 per
cent of their annual salaries.
Going by this policy, each of the 107
senators besides the Senate President and
his deputy, will be paid N4,052,800 as
housing allowance. This will be paid to
them every year, translating to
N433,649,600 as housing allowance to be
paid to the Senate annually, while the
Senate President and the Deputy Senate
President will be provided accommodation
by the federal government.
On the other hand, each member of the
House of Representatives will be paid
N3,970,425 as housing allowance. This
implies that the each of the 358 House of
representatives members aside the
Speaker and Deputy Speaker, will collect a
total of N1,421,412,150 as housing
Like that of the Senate, the speaker and
deputy speaker will be given
accommodation by the federal
government. Following the monetisation
of entitlements of public officials
undertaken by the Olusegun Obasanjo
administration, the lawmakers lost the
right to occupy houses built and
maintained by the government. Hence, the
federal government sold the houses
previously occupied by the lawmakers to
Since the principal officers of the Sixth
National Assembly benefited from the sale
of the houses, the Federal Capital Territory
Administration (FCTA) is currently building
new ones for the four presiding officers of
both chambers. On the furniture
allowance, each of the senators will be
paid N6,079,200 while the furniture for
both the Senate president and his deputy
will be provided by the government. The
total sum to be paid to the 107 senators
as furniture allowance will be
In the House of Representatives, each
member will be paid N5,955,637.50 as
furniture allowance. This means that the
358 members will collect a total of
N2,132,118,225 for furniture.
On the vehicle loan, each of the senators is
entitled to N8,105,600, while each House
member is entitled to N7,940,850.50,
meaning that the 107 senators will
collectively take N867,299,200 as vehicle
loans while the 358 House members will
get N2,842,824,479 for their vehicles.